PulsateGalleries for Pulse CMS

Galleries as addons

Pulsate offers a collection of ready to use galleries as addons of Pulse CMS. Each addon expands the default tags with new custom tags.


gal and slide, the default tags for galleries of Pulse CMS

The Pulse CMS media feature

The media feature allows managing a gallery from the admin panel of Pulse. You can create a folder, upload photos into, sort them and write captions to each photo. Then you can embed that gallery by one of the default tags gal or slide.

Pulsate addons connect to media feature and create new galleries, available with custom tags.

Media feature - admin Pulse panel. Example of sorted images in a gallery

Pulse Custom tags feature

Custom tags is another great feature of Pulse CMS, from the documentation:

Not only does Pulse come with a set of default tags, but you can create your own. This is a really powerful feature that is also very easy to use. You can think of these like plugins as they allow you to create new embeddable features in Pulse. [...]