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Michael Jackson


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Floating effect cards with a round image and a caption, most suitable for photos of people. Large 200px and build with CSS Flexbox, the cards are in-line if enough space is available and tend to stack in small devices screen. Images have to be square to get the round frame.

Create a gallery in your Pulse CMS, with this addon and just embedding a tag as follows. galleryName is the name of the folder containing the photos.



  • expands default Pulse galleries with the new tag gal-02
  • Works with any template
  • Helps the rapid development of your site
  • Is customizable


Extract into the Pulse root directory the following two files. Note that the file pulsate.php is the same for all the addons.

pulsate.php --> inc/plugins
gal-02.php --> inc/tags

Download Free

Download the addon from the product page on the Pulse CMS marketplace. Registration required.


You can adjust colors, dimensions, and other CSS stuff according to your case needs and preferences also depending on the HTML used in captions. Edit the section between the comment and the closing style tag in file gal-02.php.

/** CSS customizable section **/